The LAUSD March Downtown L.A.

Dec. 15th 2018

While I am not a teacher, My sister is. It was my pleasure to join all of you on the march downtown. I had a great time meeting the other Sunland Elementary School teachers and I hope the powers that be grant you everything you need.

I made this page to share some of the photos I took. I am a graphic designer for a local group of concert venues, and I also do 360 Degree photography for fun and for Google Maps.  I even made the design that was on your shirts 🙂

Below are some of the pictures I captured.   Feel free to share them anywhere you wish.

360 Degree Photos

These are just a few embeded on this page.  Just click and drag to move around. Your mouse wheel will zoom in & out and there is a Fullscreen button on each photo - click it once to go fullscreen and again to return back to normal.

View the whole collection here --->

Each Photo has a 'Share' button to post it on Facebook or Twitter... or to just get the link URL.  Feel free to share these anywhere you wish.

While they look great on a desktop computer, the motion sensors in your phone make it so you can view a photo in 360 and actually spin around to look at it!  Try it... hold your phone out and turn your whole body to the left... then raise your phone above you...  have fun!

'Tiny Planets' made from 360 degree photos

[foogallery id="512"]

I have these at insanly large file sizes... suitable to print up to 36in by 36in - just send me an email at

4k 360 degree Video on YouTube 

If the video quality appears lowres... click the title of the video to open it on YouTube.

.... and a couple regular Photos 🙂

[foogallery id="514"]

I had my phone dedicated to taking the 360s so i didn't take many regular photos.